P.O. Box 70   Burton, Texas  77835         
Phone  979 289-2677 or 979 289-2152

This agreement is made between the Brazos Belle Restaurant and the following party:

NAME: ___________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________________________


PHONE / EMAIL: ____________________________________________________________________

DAY/DATE OF PARTY: __________________________________________TIME: _________________

ESTIMATED NUMBER OF GUESTS: ____________________________________________________

All reservations for catering are made upon, and are subject to, the following conditions:

1.   The menu, and all other details of the event,                        6. A deposit in the amount of $20.00 per person
are to be finalized no later than two weeks                               is required to reserve the above space.
prior to the date of the event.                                                        Deposit will be credited to final invoice and
                                                                                                         subject to the following terms:
2.    No changes to menu may be made within                         
Notification of Cancellation       Cancellation Fee
five days preceding the event.                                                       Prior to Scheduled Event         % of Deposit Lost

3.    The room designated for this event carries                                  0 -   7 days                                     100%
minimum (32 guest) attendance number.                                           8  -  21days                                       50%
If your final guaranteed number is less than                                      22 -  30days                                       25%
32, a room charge
may apply.  There is a  
linen fee ($7.50) per tablecloth,
applicable only                     Please return signed copy of this contract with the
when Restaurant linens are to be used.                                   requested deposit.  A confirming copy will then be
18% gratuity and 7.75% sales tax will be added                   returned to you.  Until the Application and Deposit
to all food and beverage costs.                                                  are in hand,
reservation is unconfirmed.

4.    No food or beverage may be brought into the
Restaurant by the Client without the express                             _______________________________________  
permission of Management.                                                          Authorized Client Signature       /     Date

5.    Management reserves the right to inspect and
control private event functions and assumes                            _______________________________________
no liability for any damage or loss of  personal                        Authorized Restaurant Signature      /    Date
property of the Client .  There is a
No Smoking/
No Open Flame
policy within the Restaurant.                               Brazos Belle Restaurant   /  revised 12-01-14