Our Special Occasion Menu
Note:  To allow us to better serve our guests, this menu will be
used during the very busy times of the Spring and Winter  
Antiques Weeks and busy Holidays such as Easter.
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MENU page to view our complete menu.

Your Choice of Entrée as listed below and served with:

Andre's Mixed Green Salad
Seasoned Rice and Fresh Vegetables
Andre's wonderful "hand-made" Bread

Garlic Chicken               $15
Boneless breast, grilled and topped with tomato slices,
roasted garlic cloves and seasoned bread crumbs

Pork Medallions                 $15    
Generous portions of Pork Loin, marinated in special herbs
served with a rosemary demi-glace sauce

Scampi Provencale        $20
Large Gulf Shrimp, seasoned with a lavender marinade
grilled and served with Andre's fresh Aioli sauce

Salmon Fillet                    $22  
Six-oz portion, seasoned in a Lemon grass marinade
grilled and served with a fresh tomato-caper sauce

Andre's Mixed Grill         $32
Filet Mignon, a 4-oz portion, bacon-wrapped
sided with a half-serving of Scampi Provencale

Baron d'Agneau               $35
Rack of Lamb, roasted in a generous coating of
true Dijon mustard and blended fresh herbs

Steak au Poivre Verte  $40
Center-cut filet, grilled to your specification.
Served with Andre's green peppercorn sauce

Our full selection of wines and beers are available

Dessert Selections
Please ask your waitress    

No Split Orders - No Substitutions
Cash or Check Only
Sorry . . .  Credit Cards Not Accepted