Wines served by the Bottle

Bistro Pinot Noir France                                              35.

Latour Pinot Noir   France                                           45.

Lindeman Shiraz Bin 50   Australia                            

Georges duBoeuf  Beaujolais-Villages   France        

Bordeaux France   
Please ask your Server for details             45.

Gabbiano Chianti   Italy                                              35.

                      House Wine Selections

Chardonnay      White Zinfandel     Pinot Grigio

   Merlot          Cabernet Sauvignon
   Serving by the Bottle   22.    
 by the Glass   6.        

  Barton & Guestier Cabernet Sauvignon    
 Serving by the Carafe   22.      
 by the Glass   10.

Other Beverages

Budweiser  -  Bud Light  -   Lone Star

Miller Lite   -   Ziegen Bock   -    Coors Light

All are served in 12-oz long neck bottle           4.

Perrier Water   3.           Hot Green Tea             2.

Iced Tea  -   Coffee  -   Soft Drinks  -  Milk        2.